Thursday, 12 November 2020

Thursday Question

 Cook Islands - Michel Tuffery

Highlight the correct answers

  1. Michel Tuffery created a bull made out of ?

  1. 300 Cotton wool b) 300 corned beef tins

c) 300 toothpicks d) 300 metres of tin

2. Michel’s ideas for his fighting bulls came from?

a) the movie “Cocoa” b) stories from his grandfather

c) stories from his mother d) Christmas in Samoa

3. His creation for Sydney Olympic Games 2000 were?

a) raging bull with fireworks b) tuna fins

c) moving giant fish and turtles d) Olympic uniforms

4. Who is Tiare?

a) a princess crown b) his daughter

c) his mother d) name of his art piece

5. What languages does Michel speak ?

  1. Art and english b) art and cook island

c) art and russian d) art and egyptian

6.What is Michel’s love in his life?

  1. Loves McDonalds & KFC b) Loves rugby and art

     c) loves reading d) loves sailing

Cook Island Artist


Wednesday, 11 November 2020

Cook Island Art 4 Facts


Wednesday Questions

 Cook Islands - staff god

Highlight the correct answers

Atua Rakau:

  1. What is a staff god?

  1. Name for our kitchen b) a stick in form of a god

c) Movie on netflix d) a religion

2.  What material is the staff god made from?

a) ice b) wood

c) diamonds d) iron

3. What does elaborate mean?

a) intricate b) tiny

c) disgusting d) detailed

4. How did the European missionaries view staff gods?

a) secular b) American idol

c) idols d) demonic

5. How long is the surviving staff god ?

  1. 6 metres b) 2 metres

c) one third of the length d) 19 metres

Staff-god (detail), late 18th-early 19th century, wood, paper mulberry bark, feather, 396 cm, Rarotonga, Cook Islands © Trustees of the British Museum7.  Which best describes this staff god?

  1. Smooth green eyes with stylised head, mouth, ears; a curved back with notches on the ear side

  2. Smooth eyes with stylised ears; a curved ankle with notches on the shoulder sides

  3. Smooth head with stylised ankles, mouth, noese; a curved neck with notches on the back sides

  4. Smooth head with stylised eyes, mouth, ears; a curved neck with notches on the back sides

8. When was Christianity introduced to Cook Islands?

  1. 2020 b) 19th Century

      c) 2019 d) 1900